Apartment Refurbishment

Viiskulma, 3-4 bedrooms

This apartment underwent a major renovation. A new kitchen replaced an old bedroom, the living room was expanded to include an additional bedroom and joined with the new kitchen, and an adjoining studio apartment was attached. The old kitchen with a balcony was transformed into a new bedroom and a small sauna, overlooking a charming courtyard. The changes in the floor plan and increased wet facilities, required significant alterations to be made in the sound proofing between floors.

The old air ducts also posed technical challenges. It was unclear whether they would be sufficient in the extension or whether they could be combined with the new, mechanical air exchange. This issue was solved by the discovery of an old, covered brick stove chimney.

The building underwent a plumbing renovation a year later, but with careful foresight, planning, and documentation of the changes, the already renovated facilities were unaffected by the plumbing repairs.

Planning team: SL, AM