Arkadia Yhteislyseo, extension (2007)

In the early 1990s, Arkadia Yhteislyseo moved  into a new school building completed in Klaukkala, with architect Kari Moilanen as the principal designer. The school’s rich history took a new turn when the school board decided to expand in order to accommodate the growing needs of the school. The only extension option on this plot was to build upwards. Luckily, the original foundations of the building had been constructed to enable the addition of a whole new floor on the roof of the building.

Together with the original architect, it was decided that the exterior architecture should follow the original style. However, several challenges still remained. The V-shape of the building mass, its several roof angles and joints, and the effects of adding a building layer all required careful 3D-modeling.

The contractor decided not to wrap the building completely in carrying out the construction, instead taking advantage of the existing roof for cover. This, together with the time limit set by the break in the school year, created additional pressure for the project during a rainy summer.

The new extension serves the school in many ways: the top floor now has a gym, a video conferencing room, a music classroom/studio and control room, and two large classrooms that can be combined with the gym by opening the partition walls.