4. Why Choose Us?

The most important choice

Choosing an architect and head of planning is one of the most important and difficult choices a builder has to make.  The choice of architect determines the direction for the whole construction project.  Therefore, the client must find someone with whom communication is easy and whose expertise can be trusted.

It comes down to references and reputation

Architectural services are seldom advertised, since it is not very effective or credible.  Instead, references and a good reputation are what counts in the construction industry.  They are what gets the word out.  These can only be achieved by professionalism and diligence, with humility and conscientiousness.   We value our work and perform every assignment to the best of our abilities.

Our experience in architecture dates back to 1997.  The architectural firm Samppa Lappalainen was founded eight years later, in 2005.  As our client base has grown by the references of our old customers, we have been able to work on interesting projects through the thick and thin of all economic cycles.  This has been the greatest reward for all of our hard work.

Not only the price, but price-to-quality ratio

Emphasizing quality means that we do not try to compete with pricing, but with the price-to-quality ratio.  Compared to large, factory-like architectural firms, our firm is organized lightly and flexibly, enabling us to be both innovative and competitive.  We also benefit from being part of a cooperative network called UNIARK.  This flexible network secures us with adequate resources for even the most demanding projects, providing us with any additional planner, consultant, or overseer.

Each architect works in a particular way, relying on their persona and personal touch.  One and the same architect is not a good fit for every project.  Our work community is energetic and customer oriented, and we have successfully completed several very different projects.  We welcome you to familiarize yourself with our past projects and to visit us in our office in Helsinki, so we can discuss your project in detail, be it big or small, difficult or easy.