1. The Role of the Architect

The role of the architect in a construction project

The architect has the single most important role in determining the functional, financial, and quality framework when planning and carrying out a construction project.  Other roles are played by the builder or client, public officials, other designers and planners, and contractors.  Often, the architect is in charge of the whole construction, not just of the building design.  In that case, the architect coordinates and directs all planning, mediating between the other planners, such as the structural, plumbing, electrical, interior, and garden designers, as well as the furniture and building component providers.

We believe an architect is like the conductor of an orchestra, not a soloist.  To achieve the desired outcome, the client must freely participate in the planning.  But the ultimate success of a construction project depends on the architect’s ability to envision and carry out the whole project from start to finish.  This requires more than just drafting and planning skills.  It requires organization, leadership, and negotiating skills, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the construction process, the technical aspects of a building, scale, functionality, and aesthetics.

Project management

In addition to architectural planning services, we also offer customized project management and construction consultation.  For larger projects, our network of experienced construction consultants handles bidding for services and parts and the hiring of contractors.

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