2. The Groundwork of Design

Client relationship

Our priority is to exceed our clients’ expectations and to produce the best architecture possible.  We always begin by familiarizing ourselves thoroughly with the client’s wishes and carefully analyzing the groundwork for the project. Once we have internalized what is essential to the client, we use our expertise to realize it.

An essential part of our professionalism is to find the best possible solution for the client, even when their wishes and dreams appear to be in conflict with the available resources.  Our favorite moment in planning occurs when everything finally falls into place.  After this, the design and cut of the professional architect can be sensed by everyone in the finished building.

Aesthetic ideals

We want our design to respect and take into account the surrounding environment, the existing building stock, and the historic layers of architecture.  At times this is best done by applying traditional building methods and design elements, at other times by creating a clear contrast to them.

Whenever possible, we use natural materials in our locations.  We believe that by careful design and by using quality materials architecture can bring real joy and wellness to life.  This type of architecture stands the test of time many times over compared to manufactured housing or design that uses trendy gimmicks.  That which is genuine ages well and gains beauty by its patina.

The cornerstones of our aesthetics are Scandinavian modernism and minimalism, spiced up a bit with the colors of the savannah and primitive decor. However, our planning always starts from our clients’ aesthetic ideals, not our own. We strive to discover, perceive, and materialize the dream of the client, even when they find it hard to describe or show us examples of it.

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